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If you are a writer, you must understand the significance of producing polished and expert work. However, even the best writers can use a second pair of eyes. Here SPH steps in to help. Whether the authors are self-publishing or looking for a traditional publishing agreement, our professional book editors have assisted countless writers in taking their work to the next level. Whether you're an established author or just getting started, try our book editing services and enjoy the smooth journey of becoming an author. Our professional editors take into account your best interests in order to increase the likelihood that your book will be published and reach eager readers.

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Save Yourself from Fatal Mistakes

When we say “fatal mistakes,” we don’t mean missing a comma or two in your draft. Although commas are important, killer mistakes are those errors that destroy your credibility as an author. Our book editors save you by pointing out gaps in your logical argument or holes you may have missed in your plot. They help make your published book more coherent, polished, and pleasurable for the reader, and they leave no space for anyone to point out plot holes or illogical statements. For instance, occasionally writers will go overboard when just recounting a narrative or creating a new world. These types of errors that could distract your reader can be found by our professional editors. They can offer suggestions for what to omit to make your writing more concise or what to alter to keep readers interested. This goes well beyond merely identifying typographical or grammatical faults!

Get phenomenal writing

Our book editors have the ability to elevate your work in a number of ways. When you unintentionally use the same word too frequently, they can call your attention to repetition. Some writers could find it difficult to accurately convey the feelings of their characters, or they might have a tendency to forget what they've already said and repeat or refute it. Your writing will be smoother and more expressive if you use the best and most precise phrases, which our professional editors can suggest. You'd be astonished at the improvement in quality that our professional book editing brings.

Offer factual criticism

When it comes to receiving insightful and impartial criticism, our book editors are the ones you can trust the most. Authors, you see, become too close to and attached to their work as a result of reading it so frequently that they are no longer able to view it objectively. This makes it challenging for authors to identify any errors or areas where their own writing could be improved. But when you work with our book editor, you're inviting someone to cooperate with you who won't hold back. It's a collaborative effort, and our professional editors offer you the truth. They don't aim to offend you, but their advice is quite helpful when you're trying to figure out how to do better in your beloved work.

Save Time

What if you are the type who can look at your own work objectively? Then surely self-editing will be enough, right? Well, you could try that, but the time and effort you will spend doing it yourself—all while not being 100% confident of your work—is not worth all the money you would save. So why exhaust yourself with no certainty that your work is completely polished? To be clear, self-editing is important too; however, it is not a 100 percent alternative to hiring a professional editor.

Getting published

It's a widespread misconception to believe that a publishing house will simply employ an editor to modify your work after reading your raw submission. The truth is that if your writing is too unpolished when you send it to a publisher, it might never appear in print. Therefore, whenever it comes time to ask the publishing organization, always present your best work. The only way to achieve this is to hire an editor and allow them to highlight the best aspects of your work.

What kind of assistance do our book editors provide you with:

  • 1. Structural story editing: Of all the editing phases, structural editing is the most thorough. Structural narrative editing for fiction, sometimes referred to as content, developmental, or substantive editing, assesses your plot and presentation at the highest level. Our professional book editor carefully reads through the entirety of your work and uses the strictest procedure to correct your book. Our professional book editors assess your story arc, words used, characters, plot settings, story pacing and flow, opening and closing credits, and clarity and consistency. Our professional editor thoroughly examines each of these components to make sure they don't miss anything.

  • 2. Line Editing: The next step is to review the tone, style, and consistency of your writing after reviewing the complete work. These three should complement one another. While style refers to how you tell your story, tone establishes the story's feel. Our book editors make sure every sentence in your line-edited draught contributes to the intended atmosphere of your story. They achieve this by enhancing your writing using words, descriptions, and verb tenses. Short, positive descriptions and sentences are more prevalent in stories with a joyous and adventurous tone than extensive, negative descriptions are in stories with a sad and disastrous tone. They create sentences by using simple, direct language or metaphors. They make sure it fits the atmosphere.

  • 3. Copyediting: Copyediting necessitates little scrutiny. It emphasizes punctuation, spelling, and grammatical correction. However, as English changes over time, so do the dynamic rules for using it. It's crucial to seek assistance from a qualified copyeditor to ensure that you're adhering to the right conventions. Our professional editors are knowledgeable about grammatical standards and can spot and correct spelling and punctuation errors.

  • 4. Proofreading: The final step in examining your revised work is proofreading. It takes place the following formatting before our book editors submit it to the printer. Proofreading entails addressing any remaining errors in the book layout that appeared after the upload. Our professional book editors make sure your book is formatted correctly so that it is free of errors and appealing to the reader.


Responses from our happy clients;

“I cannot stress how strongly I recommend your book editors! Working with them on my book was a complete delight.” - Emily Hudson

“I and my readers are so happy with your book editing services and I would not think twice about working with you on future assignments.” - Rachel Knight

“My book is now polished and professional, all set to be shared with people all around the world, thanks to your professional book editors.” - Jame Red

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